Damp treatment process

Penetrating Damp

LDS can treat any penetrating damp you may have, or suspect you may have, including dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm.

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Rising Damp London

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is a common but often misdiagnosed problem. It can cause great harm to your home or property as well as posing a health risk.

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Basement Tanking London

Basement Tanking

Basements and cellars provide valuable square footage in any property. Whatever its use, a basement needs to stay dry to remain usable.

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Condensation Damp London


Condensation is a very common problem in properties of all sizes, ages and conditions, usually occurring in winter months.

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Timber Treatment in London

Timber Treatment

Most properties are constructed using a large amount of timber. It pays to safeguard against any seriously harmful wood decayers and destroyers.

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