Basement and Cellar Tanking Adds Valuable Space

Basement Tanking to basements and cellars adds valuable square footage in any property. They can be used as living space, storage area, housing for heating or air-conditioning systems – whatever its use, a basement needs to stay dry to remain usable. When originally built, the space should have been contained within an external basement tanking system to keep damp away but being underground, will be naturally susceptible to damp, and water ingress is a high possibility.

London Damp Specialist offer a variety of basement tanking options to make any basement water and damp proof and preventing any water entering. We can fit a Cavity Drainage Membrane to effectively drain any water away from the basement; sump pumps will move water away from the property to a storm drain; a cemented multi-coat render acts as a barrier, sealing the basement from the inside walls and preventing any water penetrating.

An overview of the Basement Tanking process

This is a very brief overview of some of the London Damp Specialist solutions for damp basements – following a survey of your property, we will provide a full and thorough report with recommendations for remedial action. The work may include:

  • Removing any damp or damaged plaster;
  • Adding a salt neutraliser to walls to dissolve salts present from damp penetration
  • Applying a tanking system as mentioned above;
  • Adding a waterproof sand and cement interior render;
  • Finishing with a smooth skim coat plaster.


  • Fitting a cavity drainage membrane;
  • Adding plasterboard or plaster directly over the membrane.

If you have a basement or cellar you wish to utilise for whatever purpose, simply call London Damp Specialists on 0800 0148 023 and we can advise on the best course of action to add valuable, functional space to your property. Given the nature of the situation, any work we undertake will carry a degree of disturbance to you but we work with minimum disruption and maximum effect, leaving you with a damp-free property and peace of mind with our 30-year watertight guarantee.


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