Damp Survey

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What happens during a damp survey?

When you book a damp survey with London Damp Specialists, damp proofing London experts, one of our qualified damp surveyors will come to your property. All our team are experienced professionals who know how to diagnose various damp and remedial problems. This includes everything from penetrating and rising damp through to damp floors and the need for basement tanking.

The surveying process is simple and non-invasive. All our team are friendly and professional, always careful to minimise disruption to your day and make the damp survey experience as easy for you as possible. You simply show us the area where you’ve noticed the effects of damp and the surveyor will inspect it. We also offer an inspection of the complete property included for free. This may involve looking at the external walls, as well as the internal walls, but this is dependant upon your property and the variety of the problem.

Once the surveyor has diagnosed the problem, he or she will talk you through the issue, explaining clearly and answering any of your questions. We’re used to explaining damp to people who have never had experience with it before, so we can help you no matter how confident or unsure you feel. We will talk you through the solutions and our recommendations, and will be able to provide a quote for the work within 24 hours. There are no pressure sales when you book a damp survey with us. We’ll then leave you to it and you can get in touch to book your treatment at a later time.


How long will the damp surveyor take?

London Damp Specialist always aim to keep disruptions to your day to a minimum, working effectively without wasting time. The damp surveyor on average will spend between 15 and 30 minutes at your property.